Proti - Farm

Harderwijkerweg 141B, 3852 AB ERMELO


Proti-Farm is an agri-tech innovator. They are producing and marketing high-quality sustainable ingredients for the food industry. The durable products are highly nutritious, easy to digest, planet-friendly because of their sustainable production and have the potential to feed the world of tomorrow. The unique, scalable, high-tech vertical-farming facility enables Proti-Farm’s controlled production of powders and oils from high quality insects for the food and beverage industry. Proti-Farm is the first of its kind at its current scale of patented automated insect breeding and rearing, as well as producing value-adding and distinguishing food ingredients through patented processing.
Proti-Farm has built its knowledge center - and simultaneously proof-of-concept - in Ermelo and is currently going through the planned scale-up process.
Proti - Farm