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FeedValid is a family business involved in the marketing, processing and production of singular and circularly raw materials. As a company we are a link in the supply chain, from raw materials to the end product at the consumer.

For the purchase of our various raw materials, the whole process begins by choosing reliable suppliers as partners. This is important in ensuring supply and quality for our customers, with both singular and circularly raw materials.

To obtain singular raw materials we process oil seeds, meals, pulses and cereals into a high-quality ingredient for application in various animal feeds.

With the circularly raw materials we strive to sell a stable stream of high-quality animal feed ingredients. The important thing here is a long-term relationship, with the focus on making life easier for the customer.

We use a variety of production techniques. As a result, we are able to create added value to commodity-based products, beside that we also deliver specialities for special feeds. The advantage of our wide product range is that we can offer products that contain the protein, starch and also fat components.

We hope that we have sparked your interest. If you would like to know more about our products and services, please browse our website, You can, of course, also contact one of our employees.


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