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Noack is a technical marketing and sales company, which handles and distributes products only from international well known and respected producers with high quality standards and technical competence. Our market area covers Austria and most of the Central European Countries. Approximately 120 employees are taking care about the business in our territory.

One of Noack’s activities is directed to supply the animal producing industry with innovative, high quality and cost effective feed supplements/additives to enable them to produce high quality products economically and contribute to a save food chain.

Furthermore Noack is offering rapid tests and tools for quality control based on up-to-date technology for the control of food and feed products. We provide a wide range of Agro-Food Diagnostics and Analytical Instruments for the producing industries as well as national and private control institutions.

The health status of the animal population is a major concern for Noack. We therefore offer
a large portfolio of Veterinary Diagnostic Kits based on ELISA or PCR techniques to the national control authorities, private laboratories and farms.

Noack is a privately owned company and the strong relation with our long term suppliers and partners guarantees a strong position within our activities in our markets.
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